Reach Toulouse & OMP

Travel to Toulouse:

1. You can fly directly to Toulouse (TLS) from all major airports in Europe (Paris, London, Milano, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, etc).

From the airport, there is a shuttle service that will drive you downtown (~8 euros round-trip ticket & ~20 mn).

If you arrive on Thursday morning and want to join directly the workshop at Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, the taxi ride takes 20-30 minutes (~30-40 euros).

2. You can also take the train (SNCF) and arrive directly downtown. 5h30 from Paris. 4h from Barcelona. 4h from Lyon.

3. If you go to EGU afterwards, the easiest way to fly to Vienna is through Paris or Munich.

From downtown Toulouse to OMP:

Observatoire Midi-Pyrenee (OMP) is located at 14 ave Edouard Belin. It consists of 7 earth & planetary science research laboratories.

OMP can be reached from downtown Toulouse in 30-40 mn using public transportation (Metro B + Bus). A description can be downloaded here (PDF). We discourage you to book an accomodation close to the workshop and highly recommend to find an hotel downtown.

Click here to locate OMP on Google Map.