Scientific program

The detailed scientific program can be downloaded here:

Thursday 29 April 2010 - Morning

  • E. Thouvenot (CNES): SPIRIT & the GIIPSY International Polar Year program (pdf)
  • M. Bernard (Spot Image): The SPIRIT project. Goals and Achievements (pdf)
  • A. Orsoni (IGN): SPOT5-HRS geometric performance (pdf)
  • D. Schulze (DLR): Status of the Tandem-X DLR mission (pdf)
  • M. Bernard (Spot Image): Status of the Pleaides mission (pdf)

Thursday 29 April 2010 - Afternoon

  • R. Bindschadler (NASA): A Need for SPIRIT DEMs to Quantify Antarctic Ice Sheet Discharge (pdf)
  • B. Legrésy (LEGOS): Comparison of ICESAT, SPIRIT DEM and ERS DEM over the Mertz Glacier (pdf)
  • J. Griggs (Univ Bristol): Overview of the topography of the ice sheets and ice shelves. New measurements and current limitations (pdf)
  • F. Rémy (LEGOS): Inland rapid response of Antarctic outlet glaciers (pdf)
  • E. le Meur (LGGE): How to make the most of a high resolution DEM (SPIRIT) over an Antarctic outlet glacier, test case of the Astrolabe glacier in the Terre Adelie sector (pdf)
  • M. Horwarth (LEGOS): Consistent patterns of volume and mass variations of the Antarctic ice sheet from ENVISAT radar altimetry and GRACE satellite gravimetry (pdf)

Friday 30 April 2010 - Morning

  • A. Cazenave (LEGOS): Sea level budget over the altimetry era (pdf)
  • I. Howat (Ohio State Univ): Mapping surface elevation and elevation change of the Greenland Ice Sheet (pdf)
  • T. Dewez (BRGM): Z-Earth: Earth Dynamic Topography from Space (pdf)
  • A. Kääb (Univ Oslo): On the use of SPIRIT DEM to assess geometric changes of Svalbard ice masses (pdf)
  • A. Memin (EOST Strasbourg): Secular gravity variations at Svalbard, Norway, from ground and satellite data: effects of glacier topography (pdf)
  • E. Magnusson (Univ Iceland): Ice-volcano interactions in Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland (pdf)

Friday 30 April 2010 - Afternoon

  • T. Toutin (CCT): Stereo SPOT-5 and Radarsat-2 for DEM generation over Canadian northern glaciers (pdf available soon!)
  • R. Wheate (Univ North British Columbia): Elevation changes in the glaciers of the North Coast Mountains in British Columbia (pdf)
  • E. Berthier (LEGOS): Sea level rise contribution of Alaskan glaciers: improved estimate from SPOT5 and ASTER DEMs (pdf)
  • S. Gudmundsson (Univ. Iceland): Volume changes of ice caps in Iceland deduced from remote sensing and in-situ observations (pdf)
  • I. Bushueva (Moscow State Univ.): Using of DEM for reconstructions of mountain glaciers (Central Caucasus) (pdf)